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1. Built on Google

CampusReel syncs with Google Streetview to create a walk-through experience of college campuses automatically. Browse any place on campus available on Streetview, directly from within CampusReel and find videos in numerous locations to educate yourself on the area.

2. Click to Walk

You can "walk" around campus by clicking anywhere in the 360 sphere. The map in the lower left gives a bird's eye view of campus - all streets and buildings with a blue line or dot are accessible within this experience.

3. Limitations

For schools with robust Streetview data, this experience is truly immersive. However, some schools have limited Streetview data and therefore fewer locations are accessible. Each school's experience will be dependent on their Streetview capabilities. Anyone can add a 360 image to Google Streetview to help populate the maps!

Welcome to Northwest College


Click + drag mouse to look around
Browse locations in the bottom menu
View pictures and videos of locations